Hypothesis Testing

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  1. Read the Hyperstats overview on Hypothesis Testing . This is a lot of good ideas that get scattered out through books and are collected into one point. Look over this material carefully.

  2. This section of Hyperstats on hypothesis testing will support the book material. Read the first five units as we go through the chapter. Section six should be a review, so review.
  3. This section of Hyperstat covers the power of a test. The idea is covered on the test, but no actuall computations are needed.
  4. This site has a nice explanation of type one and type two errors and power in relation to court trials. They also have a nice little applet for the idea.
  5. Here is a good java applet on power that will help make the ideas a little more clear
  6. Here is the material from Surfstat about the same topics good short reading section to tie together the ideas relating Confidence intervals and Hypothesis testing.
    section 1
    section 2
    section 3
    section 4
  7. Here is a link to several articles discussing the use of hypothesis tests in current news stories, and why we sometimes get seemingly contradictory results.
  8. Here is the data on the effect of calcium treatment on high blood pressure again. If calcium has no effect, then the mean of the treatment group will be the mean of the untreated population, 114 mm. Test the hypothesis that calcium made no change on the treatment group.

A glossary of Statistical Terms from SticiGui
Hyper-Stats Glossary

Here are a couple of videos to remind you of what we are talking about in class This first one is on P-value, pay careful attention to the definition... Here is another one about statistics tests, and the alpha level...