Binomial and Other Discrete
Probability Distributions

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  1. Here is the Link the Binomial Distribution at  SticiGui
  2. I LOVE THIS BINOMIAL DISTRIBUTION APPLET Click on the "Binomial Calculator" near the top on the right. Set the number of trials at fifty or so, then slowly adjust the probabilty of success. When you can explain what you see, you understand a lot. What will happen when you hold p steady and increase the number of trials. Think about both the mean and std dev.
    This page also has a good applet for the normal approximation to the binomial.... scroll down the list of applets toward the bottom..
  3. Hyperstats gives the highlights of the Binomial distribution. Spend some time looking at the applets and related pages linked on this page.... some nice stuff.
  4. Here is a short note showing how to use the Ti-83 to do Binomial problems.
  5. This is the link from SticiGui  about Random Variables and other Discrete Distributions.  A good source of the basics and some enrichment material.
  6. This is an optional, but very interesting extension of the Binomial and Hypergeometric Distributions with an application.
  7. This link has MC questions about probability using the Binomial Thm
  8. The DAU has a nice site for summary review of these topics and a self evaluation.

A glossary of Statistical Terms from SticiGui
Hyper-Stats Glossary