Univariate Distributions

  1. Here is the section from  SticiGui (sticky gooey) on one variable statistics.  Don't let "affine" throw you off, read this whole section, do the self-tests, and work through the interactive displays.
  2. Here is the one variable section from HyperStats  . The material on graphs and plots is very good.  Kurtosis is enrichment.
  3. And here are some practice exercises from the hyper-stats material
  4. To extend your understanding of these statistical measures, explore these interactive Java-script programs from the Rice Virtual Laboratory..
Mean and Median Simulation shows WHY the standard deviation is the measure we prefer for normal data.
Sampling Distribution Simulation lets you pick the conditions of a random sample and examine the results.
Comparing Distributions lets you examine data collected on your own response time in an experiment under two conditions.

This Australian site poses a conceptual question about std dev that you may want to be sure you can answer.
Here are some Multiple choice questions on Summary statistics (With the answers, HOW COOL IS THAT?)

Lead Poison story
Singers height and voice range, and the source notes for this data.
Chapter Three review, problem 3
Chapter Three review, problem 8

A glossary of Statistical Terms from SticiGui
Hyper-Stats Glossary