Introduction to Statistics

    1. Here are a couple of Power Point presentations from Ms. Dobson at South HS in Pueblo, Colorado:
      This one is about Types of Variables (I take several test questions from this PPt)
      and one on Displaying Categorical Data.
      Displaying Numeric Data
      and one on Describing skewed data
      and finally, on Describing Symmetric data.
    2. And a second source we will visit often, HyperStats  will give you another introductory section to review.
    3. Here is a link that reviews "TYPES OF DATA" and has a set of MC questions to help you know your A-ready. The "next page" links at this site sometimes do not work. When that happens go back to the contents page and select the next topic. Worth the trouble..
    4. Yet another good introductory link with brief explanations of many topics is at Statsoft page. Click on the top right link for the introductory material.
    5. And to be sure you are really ready, there are some multiple choice questions at Surf Stat from Australia

      Problem 12 of Sect 2.3
      Chp 2 summary, problem 13
      1970 draft lottery

      A glossary of Statistical Terms from SticiGui
      Hyper-Stats Glossary