"Nothing pertaining to humanity becomes us so well as mathematics.

There, and only there, do we touch the human mind at its peak."

Isaac Asimov

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HEY, did you ever wonder why they call it a right angle, or where the heck words like rhombus came from? MATH and Other Words can give you some of the answers.

Here is the page about the Spring 2005 Cambridge trip and the Indian Rope trick.
To see images from the Feb 2006 trip to Greenwich, here and find out more about the history of Flamsteed house at the Maritime Museum Website.
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Radians and Degrees.........Trig Functions......Right Angle Trig......Graphs of Trig Functions
Analytic Trig, some Special properties to KNOW before Calculus ........... General Trig Law of Sines, Cosines, etc.......
Logs and Exponential Functions........Parametric and Polar functions........Vectors, complex numbers etc.....
advanced topics in Analytic Geometry

Here is the best short introduction/review of basic trig on the internet. And this is a second really good spot to review.

Calculus VideosThis link will take you to a collection of calculus videos aligned with the course. Great for learning, and review... enjoy. If you prefer a real live human talking and showing the work, try this link with even more good calculus videos.

And here is a link to a whole high school curriculum,,, Alg I through Calculus... Pick your course and go..

  • Check out these sources for some great problems each week:
    The Arbelos is a mathematical society dedicated to "elegant solutions". All the problems require no calculus.

    Another good site for a wide range of problems is the Univ. of Idaho POW

    There are problems at several grade levels at the MATH FORUM students page.

    Calculus Links

    Here are the Alvirne HS Calculus Problems

    Here is another link to a site with lots of practice problems with step-by-step solutions for Calculus and a practice test to see if you are really ready.

    A complete calculus program on line at Temple University.

    Here is a new site that has some nice dynamic calculus tutorials.
    and here is a link to another good tutorial site called Visual Calculus

    TI Calculator Guide.. Here is a great link that lets you look up functions on your calculator in an alphabetical list, and then shows you how to do it... simply Great.


    This link will download the WINPLOT program. The file is a self extracting compressed file, just double click to expand. It will create a new file called winplots that is the execute file you want to run when you run the program.
    And if that didn't convince you, you can also download a Discrete Math software program that is also a great tool.

    Here is an interactive geometry program called KSEG which is similar to Geometer's Sketchpad, but FREE..

    Another graphing software program which is FREE is called GraphCalc. You will find it at www.graphcalc.com

    Here is another great interactive Algebra and Geometry software, and it is also free. They call it GEOGEBRA.

    Lots of Middle Grade teachers have asked about interesting math games for their students which are both educational and entertaining. This link will download a set of Arcade games including John Conway's Game of Life, the 15 puzzle, ghost mazes, and several others.

    Here are the links to documents I have written about assorted topics.

    And for the stats TEACHER a FREE demo of FATHOM my very favorite software for statistics and probability simulations. Students can order a student version for less than $40.

  • Here is an index of DISCOVERY UNITS using the GEOMETER'S SKETCHPAD that I have written. Some are about GEOMETRY, and some are about ALGEBRA. I hope to have more added soon, so keep checking back.
    If you do not have Geometer's Sketchpad you can get a FREE DEMO

  • Several years ago I wrote this Vector calculator application.
  • Here are some links about using the TI-82&83 CALCULATORS (some are a bit dated by now...)
  • A short, but pretty, essay on finding the area of a triangle given the length of its medians.
  • The MAGIC HEXAGON is a memory device for trig identities.
  • Here is a nice site for review problems for ALG II and Math analysis students
  • and here is a link to a TRIGONOMETRY TUTORIAL
  • This is an excellent link for Statistics Review It covers a complete introductory class.

  • STILL CAN'T FIND THE ANSWER TO THAT HOMEWORK PROBLEM. TRY DOCTOR MATH A question and answer service for students K-college and their teachers.

  • Pat Ballew, Lakenheath, U.K.

  • E-mail to: Pat Ballew
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  • I still remember those wonderful 12 years in Japan, and if you want to learn more about the beautiful Tohoku region, you could start with a visit to the Misawa City web page, and Mikami san invites you to explore Japan with the MISAWA INTERNATIONAL CLUB

    You can also learn about SUMO Japan's National sport.

    Discovery Using the Geometer's Sketchpad

      1. Medians in a triangle
      2. Here is a brief explanation of some of the ideas seen in the medians explorations
      3. Angle Bisectors in a triangle
      4. Three Tangents to a Circle
      5. A Minimum Perimeter inscribed triangle
      6. A Continuation of the previous explortation
      7. Two Minimum length problems and an application
      8. Another Min/Max problem
      9. Some more simple properties of Angle Bisectors
      10. A little known relationship about Circumscribed Triangles
      11. And another problem about The Centroid of a triangle.
      12. This one is about Equations of Lines
      13. and this is a look at intercepts of Lines and their equation
      14. Learn about the Diagonals of a Rhombus in this one
      15. And here is one more little known property about Inscribed Triangles
      16. Another exploration of lines in the plane. This one is about the Standard Equation Form
      17. John Conway posted this "Possibly new" theorem. Try to discover it for yourself
      18. Explore the properties of KISSING CIRCLES
      19. And use the answer to solve A Japanese Temple Problem
      20. This exploration reveal a little known fact about one of the Geometric Centers
      21. This exploration is about a NEW DISCOVERY by Harold Stengel